BA Hons (Cantab), PGCE, Dip Sc Psychotherapy, MBACP
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I am a child psychotherapist, but, crucially, I was also a schoolmaster for fifteen years prior to that. My classroom experience has been invaluable to me in my clinical practice. During my time as a teacher, I worked with a huge variety of children and teenagers. I taught unhappy children and witnessed, first-hand, the struggles some children and teenagers face in the classroom, the school environment and in their family lives.

After observing and helping children and teenagers as far as I could in the classroom, I trained as a child psychotherapist, in order to help those who needed more specialist and tailored support.

Much of my work now focuses on helping adolescents and young adults - an age group I am now so familiar with. This can be a challenging age, and adolescent problems are often complex and lacking in obvious symptoms. During this period, the young person is defining who they are and how they fit into the world as an adult. And, as a result, the child's relationships with friends, family, and particularly their parents, will change dramatically. There is often distance and conflict in a family at this stage.

Young people and their families can, however, benefit from professional support and guidance during this critical period of evolution. I work closely with the children to make sense of the changes that are occurring, and to help them move on positively into adulthood.


Fluent in English and French.


I take a motivational, coaching-style approach to my work. I work hard to understand and encourage my clients - challenging them or supporting them where necessary to help them make positive changes.

I like to think of myself as a useful external support and confidante for each teenager. I work side by side with each child, encouraging them every step of the way - much like a favoured and benevolent schoolmaster would. If I was teaching someone to swim, I would be in the pool with them and not on the side shouting orders, and I apply the same principle to my therapy.

Importantly, I view parental involvement as an essential part of the process, and like to work with the whole family to provide maximum support and to make sure that things continue to move in the right direction.

The themes of responsibility and self-awareness are often essential to my work with adolescents, but each case is, of course, different, and my approach takes this into account.

As well as face-to-face sessions I provide Skype Therapy and/or telephone sessions tailored to accommodate the needs of busy professionals or people from different time zones.




Attachment Issues
Low Self Esteem
Low Self Confidence
Relationship Issues
Sexual Issues
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With Central London practice locations in Harley Street W1, Chelsea SW3 and Kensington W8, The City EC4, Mark Boyden and his team of Associates’ Central London psychotherapy, psychology and coaching services are very accessible for clients in Fulham SW6, Pimlico SW1V, Victoria SW1, Mayfair W1, Belgravia W1, Knightsbridge SW1X, Westminster SW1P, Notting Hill W11, The City EC4 and the surrounding areas.