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With Central London practice locations in Harley Street W1, Chelsea SW3 and Kensington W8, The City EC4, Mark Boyden and his team of Associates’ Central London psychotherapy, psychology and coaching services are very accessible for clients in Fulham SW6, Pimlico SW1V, Victoria SW1, Mayfair W1, Belgravia W1, Knightsbridge SW1X, Westminster SW1P, Notting Hill W11, The City EC4 and the surrounding areas.







I work with classic issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, stress and resilience, performance issues, dealing with relationship break ups and problems at work. My deep expertise is in psycho-sexual therapy and identifying our ‘authentic self’. I have used my experience as a therapist to co-author ‘Finding Sexual Realness - An Inner Journey of Exploration’. The book provides insight and support to individuals facing challenges in and around their sexual choices. This book helps readers to fully own their sexuality for its true purpose – to feel fully alive in their relationships in a completely fresh and liberating way.

I initially trained as a Drama therapist at a school for emotionally challenged children and adolescents. Later I undertook a career in business which set out to create a Co-operative working environment for a fair and just income for the Native peoples of New Mexico’s Arts and Crafts. This business model honored the idea of workers self-governance.

Subsequently I returned to study for my MA in Counselling Psychotherapy at the University of East Anglia(UEA). For my MA research on ‘Becoming The Person I Was Truly Meant to Be’, in which I investigated how to reconnect with our authentic self. Separation from our authentic self often happens as a result of childhood experiences where we are compared to others, shamed, threatened and criticised in our family or community. This led me to my PhD in Psychotherapy at Regent’s University in London which focused on our experiences of Intimacy.


Fluent in English.



I like to start with an initial exploratory session. During this session I ask questions to get to know you, so that we get a sense of why you have come into therapy. Then together we decide what the best way forward will be.

I often draw on different modalities and one of my favorites is the potentiality model of human behavior. Its aim is to offer the possibility for individuals to come to a deeper sense of themselves and from that to create more mature relationships with self and others. For example, when you make the connection between how you relate to others as a mirror of how you relate to yourself, possibilities for new choices and actions emerge. This sense of yourself is essential to increasing wellbeing and the success of relationships with others.

As well as face-to-face sessions I provide Skype Therapy and/or telephone sessions tailored to accommodate the needs of busy professionals or people from different time zones.

0207 101 4300


Training & Qualifications

✔ BA Speech & Drama (Drama Therapy) Queen Margaret University Edinburgh
✔ MA in counselling Psychotherapy University of East Anglia (UEA)
✔ PHD in Psychotherapy & Counselling Regents University London 


Professional Memberships

✔ British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)



➢ Adults
➢ Couples
➢ LGBT+ Community

➢ Adolescents
➢ Children



➢ Abandonment

➢ Aging
➢ Anger
➢ Anxiety
➢ Bereavement
➢ Bullying
➢ Dating & 
relationship issues
➢ Depression
➢ Eating Disorders
➢ Gender

➢ Loneliness
➢ Marital & family problems
➢ Obsessions
➢ Parenting concerns
➢ Procrastination
➢ Sadness
➢ Self-Esteem
➢ Sexuality



Finding Sexual Realness- An Inner Journey of Exploration. Helen Ruddle and Tony Humphreys with Owen Madden.

This book has arisen out of our experience as therapists over many years with individuals and with groups in which it has become clear that sexuality and sexual Self-expression are fraught with threat for us; this applying to both men and women alike, and to people from all age groups, and applying whether one’s sexual orientation is opposite gender or same gender. When surrounded by threat, it can be difficult to find your realness; this book is intended to assist you in facing the challenges involved.


Read Owen’s testimonials.

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