I have also had an extensive training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) at Guys Hospital. This is a short-term, structured therapy of 16 sessions It focuses on patterns of behaviour which are repetitive and unhelpful to the client. The object of the therapy is for the client to recognise these patterns, notice when they occur and explore why that might be happening, and subsequently learn better ways of coping. There are three phases of therapy: the Reformulation phase, the Recognition phase, and the Revision phase. During the first phase of the therapy, I will write a summary detailing the client’s difficulties and current coping strategies, and details of earlier life experiences and influences. This summary is agreed between me and the client. These difficulties are then worked on between client and therapist through talking, diagrams, diaries etc during the Recognition phase. The ‘Revision’ phase is about learning to put these new coping strategies into practice. CAT is a very effective short-term therapy which is widely used in the NHS and approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.