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When my world fell over in June 2004, I found myself confused, frightened and lonely. Well-intentioned words of advice fell on deaf ears: how could anyone possibly understand me and if they did- if they really ‘knew me’- they would all abandon me! At least that is what I told myself at the time. Lost and believing there was no good reason to go on, I found it incredibly hard to ask for help. I believe the only reason I did was to finally address many haunting questions which needed answers. And so began my journey of recovery from sex addiction, from the most emotionally painful year of my adult life and from the shame of child abuse which had plagued my life for 30 years.

Over a decade later and having answered many painful questions, I am so happy in my skin that my ambition is now to help others. I want to help people find a way back from their emotional abyss and the brutal circle of addiction. I want to help others find the inner peace I have been so lucky to discover. I found this peace and happiness through turning to others, finding the courage to take a risk with my heart and by choosing to do things differently. Today, my life and work are about listening to others and guiding clients through the scary process of change, to shrug off years of conflicting behaviour and to lead a life free of craving and addiction. At the very least, I encourage you to ask for help and then let's see what, but more importantly 'who' we can uncover together.


My role in the field of addiction is one of Recovery Coach. My own experiences help foster empathy and trust for reassurance in the early stages of coaching and mentoring around sensitive subjects. I coach from the perspective of having 'been there and done it'. My deep understanding of sex addiction and the addictive cycle as a whole gives me an ability to understand buried pain, anger, fear and shame and the disruption they bring to every aspect of our daily existence. An understanding of long-practiced emotional defence mechanisms empowers us to better integrate all areas of our lives. My job is to help you explore your emotional self and to help guide you to healthier external exploits that better compliment your true self. I will help you apply different techniques and help you apply emotional tools in a realistic and sustainable manner. I will monitor your progress and provide feedback along your journey. I would like to be the mentor to whom you turn instead of that old unhealthy behaviour.

Beyond individuals, I also guide couples confused by the overwhelming challenges presented in recovery from sexual addiction and trauma, a topic that at the best of times can be hard to discuss even in the most determined of relationships.

I never shared any of the pain of abuse in my early life and instead, all I found was a lonely emotional wilderness. Muddling through will not make you happy. I offer guidance at your own gentle pace: I promise to listen to you and never to judge you: and I promise to help you structure your future from a place of peace.

As well as face-to-face coaching, I can provide Skype and/or telephone sessions tailored to accommodate the needs of busy professionals or people from different time zones.




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2015 SASH Addiction Conference, USA
2015 International Enneagram Association European Conference, Denmark
2015 International Enneagram Association Annual Conference, USA
2015 West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders, USA
2015 UK & European Symposium on Addictive Disorders (UKESAD), UK
2015 ATSAC Addiction Conference, UK
2014 US Journal Training Sex & Love Addiction, USA
2014 SASH Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health, USA
2014 International Enneagram Association Conference, USA
2014 West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders, USA
2014 UK & European Symposium on Addictive Disorders (UKESAD), UK
2014 Innovations in Recovery Addictions Conference. USA
2013 Moments of Change Addiction Conference, USA
2013 Cape Code Symposium on Addictive Disorders, (CCSAD) USA
2013 UK & European Symposium on Addictive Disorders (UKESAD), UK


Monterey Institute of Mental Health; Monterey, California, USA
The Refuge Treatment Centre; near Orlando, Florida, USA
The Ranch Treatment Centre; near Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Psychological Counselling Services; Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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With Central London practice locations in Harley Street W1, Chelsea SW3 and Kensington W8, The City EC4, Mark Boyden and his team of Associates’ Central London psychotherapy, psychology and coaching services are very accessible for clients in Fulham SW6, Pimlico SW1V, Victoria SW1, Mayfair W1, Belgravia W1, Knightsbridge SW1X, Westminster SW1P, Notting Hill W11, The City EC4 and the surrounding areas.