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Prior to training as a psychotherapist I spent 20 years in the commercial property sector. Having immersed myself in a heavily goal-oriented environment I have always been interested in what influences our behaviours and choices; this inspired me to train as a psychotherapist. As part of my practice, I have come to appreciate the importance of relationships and how our earliest connections influence how we perceive ourselves and relate to others.

My background is rich in cultural diversity, traditions and values. I am captivated by differences in behaviours and beliefs that stem from a wide variety of backgrounds and customs and have experience in this area. Psychological and emotional difficulties can exist within cultures or family systems, where psychotherapy may be disparaged. Many difficulties can arise relating to identity, integration and self-worth.

I have worked in several specialist areas, and like many of my colleagues at MBA, my work at Guys Hospital has inspired me to adopt a relational psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy.

I specialise in bereavement and loss, since separation and endings make up part of everyday life, such as in relationships or careers. I work with individuals to help them move towards accepting their new reality to make the necessary adjustments to re-empower them to move beyond their grief.

I also have experience with addiction, including eating disorders. Complications with food, or any other addictive behaviour, can arise for several reasons and it can result in emotional, relational and physiological difficulties. I use the therapeutic relationship to work together collaboratively, to identify what lies beneath these behaviours and to understand them in order to make the necessary changes.


Fluent in English and French.


As an integrative psychotherapist, I offer psychotherapy sessions in a one-to-one setting. I use the therapeutic relationship to explore difficulties in the present that may have roots tied to past experiences and behaviours. My approach brings together a psychodynamic relational construction, with behavioural ideas, to address the present. I also employ a client-led approach since the client is the expert in their life.

As well as face-to-face sessions I provide Skype Therapy and/or telephone sessions tailored to accommodate the needs of busy professionals or people from different time zones.




Addictions and
substance misuse
Attachment issues
Bereavement and loss
Eating disorders
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Personal development
Personality disorders
Relationship issues
Sexual issues
Stress (burnout)
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With Central London practice locations in Harley Street W1, Chelsea SW3 and Kensington W8, The City EC4, Mark Boyden and his team of Associates’ Central London psychotherapy, psychology and coaching services are very accessible for clients in Fulham SW6, Pimlico SW1V, Victoria SW1, Mayfair W1, Belgravia W1, Knightsbridge SW1X, Westminster SW1P, Notting Hill W11, The City EC4 and the surrounding areas.